РУССКИЙ ПРОФИЛЬ - ПРОИЗВОДСТВО ТОВАРОВ ДЛЯ НАПОЛЬНЫХ ПОКРЫТИЙ | Алюминиевые пороги и накладки на ступени, алюминиевые профили для окантовки керамической плитки, плинтус. Продажа напольных покрытий и аксессуаров для напольных покрытий

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Our assortment includes laminate from different manufacturers, but among all types of designs there are always the most popular ones. We have highlighted a number of laminate designs that have become bestsellers with many of our partners.


Comfortable ceramic tiles, moisture-resistant palace parquet, durable wood - all this can be created on the floor of your home with linoleum from the FERRUM collection. Impressive floor thickness (4.3 mm) and double backing on special black polyester, combined with classic designs and deep embossing, provide a stunning floor appearance and unrivaled comfort, guaranteeing easy maintenance, durability and resistance to temperature transfer.

Novelty wall panels


Wall panels SWISS CRONO provide an opportunity for a creative approach in interior design. They provide not only an exceptional quality finish, but also have good wear resistance and represent an aesthetic and attractive solution for decorating a room when organizing space. ... When caring for the panels, you will save yourself from the tedious process of cleaning the walls - it is enough to wipe the wall panels with a damp cloth or any detergent that does not contain abrasive materials every month, and if necessary, you can easily replace damaged elements.

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